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Hao Han Wong is a designer and Part 1 Architecture Assistant. She believes that the connection between people is something we can't explain. Her works are often inspired by memories, the surrounding environment, and culture. Her goal is to design spaces that can connect with the local community and bring joy to them. 

She graduated with an Interior Design course in 2017 and has recently completed RIBA Part 1. Her final year interior design project, "Ohng City", was awarded the Silver medal for Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA). In addition, her last year's Part 1 project, "A.Way Village", was nominated for the Feix & Merlin Prize. Besides, the master drawing of the project was awarded first prize for the John Andrews Drawing Prize. The objectives of this project are to 1. RE-Work existing building; 2. RE-Design the existing bus stop; 3. RE-Use scaffolding; and 4. RE-Claim waste materials.

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