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Church Street, Brighton BN1 1US

The LINKING Gallery

1. overview

The LINKING Gallery is a gallery that puts people together, creates memorable moments, and allows people to spend quality time together. 

The connection between people is something we can't explain. Try to think about the happiest moment in your life. Was it connected with someone else or being with yourself...? Before the advancement of technology, people asked for help, people were helping each other, people talked with 'strangers' on the street... and that's how people connect and become friends. I still remember those days before the internet network developed; I used to ride a lot with my friends after school. We were chilling, playing at the playground. 

Working as a waitress at a noodles restaurant, I often see a group of people come in and start scrolling their phones without having a conversation... Question: How often do you usually talk to people? How do you typically spend time with people? Was it quantity of time or quality of time?  

2. concept

People walk around the lanes but not the backstreet. What can I do to make the backstreet no longer a backstreet? It can be something else. It needs to be something. Comparing to the lively lanes, which are filled with different kinds of shops - souvenirs, bookshops, stationery, charity shop... Backstreet is dead.

Reasons why we don't walk around backstreet: 
i. not safe enough to walk around 
ii. it's usually bin areas for shops, factories, restaurants, residential... 
iii. dark & quiet

How can the backstreet become safer for people to walk around?

a Weekend.jpg

What can I do to make the backstreet no longer a back street? It can be something else, it needs to be something


The idea is to create an outdoor winter garden with a combination of lanterns (which is inspired by the culture of South East Asia) and reflective floor materials to light up the backstreet. Doing this will not only attract more people to walk to the backstreet, but also make them feel safer to walk around. 

light artist.jpg

3. proposal

Initial Idea
Overall Perspective
Double Skin Facade
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